• Catharine Rhodes

What can $610 million buy?

An interesting question has been thrown around a lot since Liberal leader Justin Trudeau called a snap election. The campaign cost 610 million + dollars of taxpayer funds and left taxpayers asking…what else could that money have been spent on?

Heres what the federal government could have done with the extra 610 million dollars they treated as loose change. The next time they’re looking for ways to burn a few million extra bucks, perhaps they’ll take a look at this list:


For 610 million, you’ll get

110,929 premium hospital beds

6,100,000,000 surgical masks

10 entire hospitals (with staff)

86 micro hospitals (with staff)

12,200 full time nurses (for a year)

1,743 full time doctors (for a year)

84 fully staffed addiction treatment centers

60 fully staffed mental health treatment centers and operating costs for 5 years

305,000 staffed holistic treatment areas (eg hydrotherapy, creative visualizatio, yoga) in hospitals

3050 fully equipped ambulances

13,863 full time EMTs (for a year)

Clean Water

610 million buys you

10,167 artificial lakes

10,200 100 foot wells

12,800 artificial springs

3 water treatment plant big enough to serve the GTA

152,500 ponds

297,570 home water filtration units

What else can 610 million dollars buy? Leave a comment or send a message!

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