• Catharine Rhodes

The Great Sign Challenge!

This year, we’ve decided to make our own political signs. We’re encouraging our supporters to do the same. If you do, snap a pic and we’ll post it here!

This election was announced suddenly and came up very quickly. There was no time to order signs, and even less time to campaign…and maybe that’s a good thing.

It caused us to really look at these corrugated plastic flags of support and ask ourselves: is there another way?

Greens have typically avoided posting signage, especially in “sign wastelands” like these: public properties that are often littered with signs.

In fact, you may have noticed that some Greens get rather innovative with our political signage. Here are Tom Cull (London-Fanshawe 2019)’s yard waste bag signs:

Tom spent a lot of time cleaning up lakes and rivers, like me. And like me, he noticed how many political signs we’re fishing out of the lake.

Here’s Tom screen printing yard waste bags!

“As a new candidate, I don’t have a shed full of election signs, so it was a great opportunity“ Tom said.

The St Catharines Greens are following Tom’s example this year by encouraging our supporters to make your own signs!

You can also contact us to order a custom, diy, re-useable (and green!) yard sign!

Check out these great ideas!

Got an old window? You can paint it with those leftover oils and acrylics! I’ll take my “welcome” sign with “vote green” instead!

A lawn sign can be as simple as a letter stencil (or stickers) and a couple of planks of leftover wood. Look at this beautiful


This sign is made from foam board and stickers. I bet you could re-use it for another project!

This sign is simple and useful: it’s also a planter! You can paint over it, or leave it up to remind others to keep voting for green policies all year!

Another great way to use up extra paint…and I think it will be a lot faster to write Vote Green!

Here’s a great idea for a simple a-frame, if you’re the handy type! Use it later for a fundraising yard sale!

Sometimes a sign can be just as simple as paper on a stick.

This might be a bit big, though!

What a fantastic use for burlap!

Wow! This small sign makes a big impact!

A fantastic home for a feathered friend.

All it’s missing is a tiny, printed on your printer yard sign, don’t you think?

More tiny sign real estate!

This election, let’s beautify our homes and work to reduce political waste! You can request a unique yard sign by e-mailing

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