Trash Pick-Up


Catharine Rhodes is a common-sense candidate whose platform is based on listening to evidence from scientists, researchers and experts, and on TAKING ACTION that benefits Canadians. "I'm not here to talk about what needs to be done. I'm here to make sure it gets done." 

She has spoken to thousands of people in St Catharines and heard the voices of constituents who want a departure from navel-gazing, biased politics. She believes in inclusive, outward-facing politics that include all identities (yes, even yours!) 

"I don't have to be the same race, the same gender, the same age, or in the same tax bracket to hear and understand the concerns of St Catharines voters. I'm here for everyone, and I'm here to help." 

She serves her community in a number of ways, raising funds and volunteering for locally based charities and organizations. Whether in St Catharines or in Ottawa, she will continue to roll up her sleeves and go to bat for any organization that wants to change things for the better: and she has the knowledge to do so. 

A McMaster graduate with a degree in Political Science, she sat in classrooms with a number of current politicians. She was one of few students who focused on international and business relations, environmental policy, and human rights. She participated in ground breaking research into the MUSH sector, and encouraged the incumbent government to take action to change unfair legislation. 

"I have the knowledge to back up my constituents. A vote for me will never result in an 'I don't know' or 'I can't help you' response. If I don't know, I'll find out. If I can't help, I'll find out why." 

She has heard the concerns of defensive voters and has a message. "If you're voting for one big party to keep another out, I understand how you feel. It can feel like the right choice. But we vote regionally for a reason. Don't ask yourself who will put the right leader in charge. Ask yourself who will best serve your community. You deserve a voice in Parliament!"

A vote for Rhodes is a vote for common sense. Make your ballot count for St Catharines! 

"Be Well, Take Care, and Take Action"