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Catharine is a business owner, a mother of four, and a strong advocate for the least-heard voices both in St Catharines and all over the world. 

She is the mixed-race child of fifth generation Canadians, and is of Indigenous, Chinese, and Afro-European descent. She graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Political Science, where she was and continues to be a champion of domestic and global human rights. 

Her work on numerous community panels has given the least-heard Canadians a voice in Parliament that has changed government policy. 

Her office runs a year-round tax clinic, helps people to navigate social programs, and keeps a database of local businesses and charities. 

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Life Beyond the Campaign

We tend to only see politicians and political candidates when they're campaigning, but there's a lot going on at Catharine's office in between campaigns and year-round. Volunteers support our beach and street clean up, homeless outreach, year round tax clinic, ow/odsp clinics and lots more. We encourage St Catharines residents to donate or volunteer their time knowing that both serve our community in visible and important ways. 


Crowd Cheering

Take Action

Street Fashion

Housing is a
Human Right

Canadians are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Creating a homelessness problem and then "fixing" it by giving money to construction companies is not the answer. Tell Trudeau and his cabinet to declare a national homelessness crisis and provide support now

Aboriginal Australian Artist

Indigenous Peoples

Apologies are not enough. Indigenous peoples have been subjected to generations of abuse. There is no going back, but we can go forward by supporting education, prioritizing indigenous leadership, and implementing all of the Truth and Reconcilliation commission's calls to action. 

Family Moments

Guaranteed Livable Income

Most low-income Canadians work, some of them harder than their higher-income counterparts. Welfare systems can be impossible to navigate. Support a system of guaranteed livable income, and end the poverty stigma